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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1301 – Accidentally Entering a Land of Peril solid rebel
As Wings of Tomorrow was interrupted, Zhou Wen regained command over his physique. Using this accidents, he felt one thing delicate behind him almost like he experienced slammed right into a delicate puppy. He was so frightened that he immediately retreated again.
As Wings of The next day have been disturbed, Zhou Wen regained control over his entire body. Because of this accidents, he observed a little something gentle behind him as if he acquired slammed into a soft pet. He was so frightened that they immediately retreated all over again.
Currently, the white ape was staring at Zhou Wen having a gaze similar to a demon king looking at a mortal.
Section 1301: Accidentally Getting into a Land of Peril
“Sorry, I’ll definitely observe where I’m moving the very next time.” Zhou Wen switched all over and desired to work aside, but he discovered that there was yet another enormous ape there. Your hair on that enormous ape was blackish-grey, making it appear even more horrifying.
Though Zhou Wen was very inquisitive, he realized well that this four devil-like apes were definitely not really benevolent critters. Also, he didn’t come up with a practice of taking a chance on his everyday life.
the green mummy
Zhou Wen braced himself and wanting to stroll in between the fantastic-haired ape’s lower limbs. He gathered all his toughness. If the fantastic-haired ape suddenly attacked, he could only potential risk it.
Guardian! There is actually a Guardian right here!
As Zhou Wen shifted, the 4 large apes didn’t switch, however vision maintained subsequent his movements. The golden-furred ape was no exception to this rule.
This was a tremendous subterranean cave. There is actually many seawater around it, like an underground ocean.
That has a thrive, the seawater 1000s of meters aside spewed out. A flood dragon shattered out from the liquid such as a loach that were stuck. Its body system twisted and had trouble, but it surely couldn’t get away.
This was a big below the ground cave. There is actually a lot of seawater around it, such as an below ground ocean.
Zhou Wen investigated the 4 apes and carefully went from the gap between among the apes’ thighs. He desired to ascertain if he could directly go walking past the turtle sh.e.l.l.
By using a thrive, the seawater thousands of m aside spewed out. A flood dragon shattered away from the liquid such as a loach that had been trapped. Its entire body twisted and battled, however it couldn’t avoid.
He changed all over and spotted a gold radiance behind him. It absolutely was a lower-leg, a leg taken care of in great hair.
Zhou Wen utilized Truth Listener and scanned the natural stone coc.o.o.n within the jewel artifact repeatedly. There was clearly indeed no blunder it was actually indeed a Guardian coc.o.o.n.
Apes are vegetarians, ideal? They shouldn’t prefer to feed on human being flesh, ideal?
Zhou Wen promptly summoned his Terror-point Mate Beasts and surrounded himself using them.
Zhou Wen speedily summoned his Terror-degree Friend Beasts and surrounded himself together.
The surrounding seawater churned for a short time, however it didn’t modify the turtle sh.e.l.l. Before too long, the turtle sh.e.l.l ended trembling, and the seawater gradually calmed decrease.
Just as if he experienced suddenly plunged within the sunlight from the darkness, Zhou Wen’s vision started to be more clear. On the other hand, the landscape when in front of him created his curly hair get up, in which he possessed throughout his system.
Zhou Wen compelled himself to calm down and carefully measured inside the four apes and also the predicament.
As Zhou Wen walked, he saved sizing along the fantastic-haired ape. The gold-haired ape appeared by far the most amiable out of your four apes. Zhou Wen thought that it might nothing like taking in animal meat.
What kind of area is that this?
“Sorry, I’ll definitely enjoy where I’m really going the next occasion.” Zhou Wen converted about and desired to jog aside, but he discovered that there seemed to be another enormous ape there. The hair on that giant ape was blackish-grey, turning it into appearance substantially more alarming.
Let Me Game in Peace
The recognize where Zhou Wen was position wasn’t a smaller island, but a gigantic turtle sh.e.l.l.
Zhou Wen investigated the 4 apes and carefully walked throughout the gap between one of several apes’ feet. He sought to see if he could directly wander past the turtle sh.e.l.l.
As Wings of Tomorrow has been cut off, Zhou Wen regained management of his human body. With this crash, he believed one thing soft behind him as if he possessed slammed to a tender puppy. He was so frightened he immediately retreated yet again.
The reason behind that has been as he identified a stone coc.o.o.n in the jewel artifact.
As Zhou Wen went, he kept sizing in the wonderful-haired ape. The gold-haired ape appeared one of the most amiable out of the four apes. Zhou Wen thought that it could possibly nothing like eating meat.
The flood dragon’s body spewed out dragon breath. Its durability was perhaps not second-rate towards the Genuine Bloodstream Demon Dragon, but it was like a loach while watching glowing-furred ape. It grabbed the deluge dragon via the mouth and little downward. The dragon’s go, along with a tiny part of its body, was bitten away from. With just a few bites, the dragon’s blood gushed out and also the dragon bone fragments shattered.
“No way…” Zhou Wen swept his gaze approximately. Quite as he thought, there seemed to be a huge ape in all of the four guidelines. Within the other path was a huge ape with reddish colored fur. Like the other three massive apes, they raised their hands as if they were holding a little something. They stood there motionless while they looked over him.
This became a big undercover cave. There is actually a great deal of seawater close to it, just like an underground seas.
Just as Zhou Wen was wanting to know what obtained occured, he suddenly spotted the glowing-furred ape lower amongst its claws and use only one claw to support along the material artifact.

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